Client of the Month: Julie Loken

We are proud to honor

Julie Loken

as our October 2017 NSS Client of the Month

Julie first came to NSS way back in 2013. Throughout that time it would be hard to find someone that will make you feel more welcome to the #NSSfamily than Julie.

Julie comes to every single session with a smile on her face and as she makes her way around the gym giving out her signature “Julie Hug” it is hard not to smile right back at her. This welcoming smile reminds everyone that NSS is a special place and by being there you too are special.

Julie openly speaks about NSS being an extension of her health care plan. Just like you make regular doctors and dentists visits, NSS has become a staple in Julie's health care plan. She is consistent in her training because she knows that moving and strengthening her body is as important as flossing her teeth.

Julie not only encourages everyone she works out with (and by everyone we mean anyone who is in the gym at the same time as her) she makes the gym a fun place to be. There are many sessions where you get just as good of a core workout from laughing as you do lifting

Julie not only speaks the values of NSS when she is in the gym she shares her love and passion of working out with just about anyone who asks (and probably some that didn’t ask).

Thank you, Julie, for your continued dedication to NSS and for sharing with everyone what it means to be part of the #NSSfamily.

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