Client(s) of the Month: Larry and Beth Pappenfus

We are proud to honor

Larry and Beth Pappenfus

as our December 2017 NSS Client(s) of the Month

Larry and Beth, where do we begin? Do we start with their positive attitudes? Do we praise them for being healthy, active role models for their kids and their granddaughter? What about their consistency? They have it all!

Larry shows up early to every session, which happens to be at 6 a.m., a time that many people are still sleeping. He comes in with a smile on his face, and a can-do attitude, ready to conquer the day’s routine.

His openness to trying new things has led to a well-rounded exercise toolbox, and over the last few months he has truly grown a fondness for, and seen success in, the bench press. He brings a very positive energy to the entire morning crew.

Beth, meanwhile, brings her spunky personality to our afternoon crew. She has developed great relationships with other members of the #NSSfamily, actively fostering the community atmosphere we value.

On top of her easy-going nature, we value her work ethic, consistency, and willingness to tackle challenges, which enable her to achieve great progress in her workouts.

We coaches have come to enjoy and value a mutual trust with both Larry & Beth. We trust they are going to give us open and honest feedback, based on how their bodies are feeling and responding to the workouts.

In turn, they place trust in us to guide them in the direction they want to go, which we as coaches deeply appreciate.

Thank you Larry and Beth for everything you bring to the #NSSfamily. We are thrilled to have you!!

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