January Jump Start 2018

As of this writing there are 12 days left of 2017.

This means 353 days of 2017 have passed.

Indefinitely much has happened over this time period. Some wonderful and some not so glorious or memorable.

Take a second to think back on the last 353 days in regards to your health, fitness and wellness.

Did you find a passion for hitting the gym consistently?

Did a specific nutritional approach speak to you and stick?

Did you up the ante and focus on quality recovery and sleeping well to maximize your ability?

We hope you did! But, if you are like most of us, the year may have gotten away from you in regards to these three important categories.

Exercise. Nutrition. Sleep.

Three pretty big pillars of health, fitness and wellness.

If 2017 is leaving you wanting more in this area, then we have an opportunity for you to JUMP START 2018 and build positive momentum to help carry you through.

Our January Jump Start program!

This is the second year we are excited to offer you the January Jump Start to help you stay accountable to this year being the year for you to start strong and stay with your plan.

Previous to last year we ran a Transformation Contest. But we wanted to shift the focus away from the end game of "short term transformation" and focus on the process of working towards a goal.

Our process for 2018 will be in regards to the three pillars of health, fitness and wellness mentioned above.

Exercise. Nutrition. Sleep.

We do this because we have seen, over our 11 years working with clients, that long term change always comes back to the process enacted, habits created and appreciation of the path, instead of simply just the end outcome.

Cool right... But then what exactly is the January Jump Start ???

The January Jump Start is an opportunity, over a 6 week period, to work with a like minded group of people and an experienced training staff to start 2018 on the right foot.

Success won't be judged on how much your body transforms (although that's a beautiful byproduct) but rather on your attention to the process of consistent exercise, specific nutritional habits and certain sleep criteria.

Nailing down this process early on in the year with the intention to then snowball into the rest of your 2018, guaranteeing you can look back at this time next year and say, "2018 was my year"!

But who is it for?

The January Jump Start is for anyone who is fed up with the recurring cycle of resolution fails over and over again each year.

With our specific goal setting parameters and process based platform we create and embrace the realization that practicing quality habits and accomplishing small goals with consistency can lead to long term success.

How do you get involved?

There are a few different "levels" of involvement with the January Jump Start.

For new clients to NSS, the first option is taking part in the group classes only, which are offered 5 days per week. ($179)

The second option is to do the group classes as well as 2 times per week semi-private coaching OR 1 weekly nutrition meeting. ($319)

For current clients you can stay with your regular semi-private schedule and add in the group classes. ($119)

Or you can stay with your regular semi-private schedule, add in the group classes AND enroll in the 1 weekly nutrition meeting. ($319)

With any level of involvement you will receive the online coaching and accountability and finale celebration.

What are the dates of the Jump Start? We will start the program on January 8th with 30 minute group classes offered Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 a.m. and Friday at 11:30 a.m.

The Jump Start runs for 6 weeks.

During this first week we will lay out the process goals in regards to exercise consistency, nutrition and sleep.

The second week of the program, January 15th, we will start working towards these specific parameters. Building them into reasonable and repeatable habits.

How do you sign up?

As of this blog post, we are officially open for registration for the January Jump Start.

However we are limiting enrollment to 25 participants to ensure we can run the program to it's fullest potential.

That being the case it is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE registration. If you are thinking about it act now by clicking HERE to ensure you get in before the January Jump Start fills up.

**Have a friend you think might enjoy doing this challenge with you?

Get them on the list as well to experience the energy, positive community, and fun of the January Jump Start.

Thank you very much, we are looking forward to helping you Jump Start your 2018!

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