The Do's And Don'ts Of Making Up Lost Time In The Gym

We have all been there…

Stepping back into the gym after an undisclosed amount of time. Whether due to surgery, motivation just isn’t there, or any other "life happened" and you're no longer reserving time for yourself.

For me, it was maternity leave.

7 weeks of doing nothing but staring at your child is great for the heart, but not so much for the body.

When I finally got up and moving again, I made a few mistakes.

Here they are so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

DON’T grab the same weights you were using the last time you trained.

DO learn to be a master of holding yourself back.

  • Find out where you currently are - tracking your workouts can help tremendously here.

  • Start small with reps, sets, weight or just body weight moves and increase if needed in the following training sessions.

  • Make a month goal of getting a consistent amount of workouts in before adding anything else.


DO take care and listen to your body

  • Easier is better in this situation and your body will thank you for slowly building vs. grinding through a tough workout the first days back.

  • Soreness will most likely be there the next day, even with a simple bodyweight workout, use how you feel in those days to create an even better session for next time.

DON’T be hard on yourself because that 40kg KB you once carried with ease is hard to deadlift now.

DO pat yourself on the back for making exercise a priority again.

  • You had limited "me time", or something in the way of you moving and now you have the ability to take care of yourself and your DOING IT!

  • Remember, you're going to be back to lifting all of those weights soon, your body just needs a little time to familiarize itself with this stimulus again.

If you take anything away from reading this I want you to know that MOVING, even if it is without weight, can be more beneficial than you think.

It will build confidence in your abilities again and help you to get consistent in training, which is goal number one.

So next time life sneaks up on your and changes your plans around exercise and movement remember, all is not lost, just revert back to these DO's and DON'TS and you will be just fine!

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