Client of the Month: Patty Peterson

We are proud to honor

Patty Peterson

as our February 2018 NSS Client of the Month

You will often hear fitness professional tout the benefits of consistency and continue to say that age is just a number and it is never too late to improve your fitness. Patty is a textbook example of these claims. Now, don’t jump to conclusions and say that we’re calling Patty old…she is simply choosing to age gracefully!

Her physical strength is put on display at NSS as you watch her fine tune kettlebell skills, improve her balance, and pull heavy weight off the floor with her barbell deadlifts.

Patty often tells us how good it feels to be physically active from a mental standpoint. Her work as an accountant can be stressful at times, particularly during tax season, but she makes a conscious choice to invest time into her health and be active.

As is a fact in all of our lives, Patty has endured some emotional highs and lows. Being physically active has been a constant in her life that has provided an emotional boost during difficult times.

She knows that even spending 5 minutes to do a few sets of kettlebell swings on a cold winter evening is better than nothing and gives her that confidence that we all need in our lives to conquer the rest of the day.

Thank you for being an awesome member of the #NSSfamily and allowing your positive energy to flow into the rest of your day.

Patty, you may never know how many people you positively affect, but keep doing what you do!

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