Client of the Month: Heidi Miller

We are proud to honor

Heidi Miller

as our March 2018 NSS Client of the Month

Heidi rightfully earned this title, for many reasons. The most notable being her attitude. Since the first time she walked through the front door Heidi has had a smile on her face.

If you have worked out with her you would notice she never hesitates to encourage others around during training.

Along with her attitude, Heidi’s dedication is bar none. Not only does she never skimp on consistency of workouts, she often participates in our group classes. Most recently finishing January Jump Start, and absolutely CRUSHING the habit goals that came along with it.

Lastly having so much commitment to her health makes her a shining example for her 3 children.

Throughout her time at NSS Heidi has done nothing but make an upward climb in her strength goals, showing through massive trap bar PR’s, seeing her first ever chin-ups, and always being up for trying new things.

Keep being a SUPERSTAR Heidi!

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