Client of the Month: Melissa Heinz

We are proud to honor

Melissa Heinz

as our April 2018 NSS Client of the Month

If you’ve ever been in the gym when Melissa is in, you know that Melissa is a rock star. She has really found her groove over the last few months, and it seems like everything you put in front of her, she steps up to the plate and crushes it.

Melissa loves to be challenged (even though it is really hard to do), and that is when she really shines. It seems like if you tell her something is going to be tough, she simply turns it up a notch and knocks it out.

Melissa has such an awesome attitude when she is in the gym. Like everyone else, some days she may not feel in workout mode. But when it’s go time, it’s go time, and she does what needs to be done.

Along with that, she loves to hype up and cheer on others around her. Making her time in the gym not only beneficial to her, but to everyone else as well.

She has an infectious smile which makes it nearly impossible to be in a bad mood around Melissa (especially on Friday’s).

A well-deserved recognition for an awesome

#NSSfamily member – way to go Melissa!

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