Client of the Month: Lori Schwegman

We are proud to honor

Lori Schwegman

as our May 2018 NSS Client of the Month

Lori is one of the most outgoing and positive people you will ever be around. Even though Lori will tell you, “she’s mean and she’s tough”!

She comes to the gym every single day with an amazing attitude. Although Lori has all the reasons in the world to have a negative attitude, she won’t let them stop her.

Lori recently had to give up running due to injury. If you know Lori at all, that just about crushed her. But she was bound and determined to keep pushing herself even though she couldn’t run.

So now Lori is focusing on getting as strong as she can in the gym. Along with adding in things such as multiple 45-minute kettlebell and bodyweight workouts at home.

Oh, and she can still dance! 😊

This is long overdue and well-deserved.

Congratulations Lori!

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