Clients of the Month: Steve and Teresa Herzog

We are proud to honor

Steve and Teresa Herzog

as our June 2018 NSS Clients of the Month

Steve and Teresa epitomize the ideal aging adult. Instead of taking it easy in retirement, they simply choose to do more! For example, on any given summer day, they can be caught out on the lake shredding some waves with grandkids.

They are both involved in golf leagues and organizing outings with others, choosing to walk the course most of the time because it gives them more steps. We haven’t even discussed their gardening! Spring is like a mad dash to get as much done as possible around the house, to a point of missing meals at times because there was just not enough time in the day.

Steve has rekindled an enjoyment for running and has run a few 5k’s over the past year. His desire to continue to get stronger is evident in him hitting multiple barbell lifts each session. Additionally, he signs on for some amazing hunting excursions each Fall and prides himself in being able to hike up and down the mountain.

Teresa has taken charge of her health by learning more about how her body responds to the food she puts in it and made huge lifestyle changes as a result. Although she’s battled a few joint aches and pains, she has made the choice to not let that slow her down and finds a way to work around them.

This approach results in a consistency like no other and includes rocking some great hikes in the mountains of California or simply impressing others at the gym with weights she is using.

Thank you for your persistence, hard work, consistency, and always upbeat and positive attitude. You make all those around you better and are proof that age is just a number and slowing down is a choice you have decided to ignore.

Keep it up guys!

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