Healthy (& quick) Snack Ideas

Snacking healthy can sometimes be tough.

If you are like most, life is keeping you moving in all directions at all times, so finding time to eat healthy snacks might fall far down your list.

That being the case, we wanted to provide some ideas that are not only quick and convenient, but check the "healthy" box. Snacks you can toss into your plan as soon as this week.

Some you might already be using, some you might have forgot you used to love, and some might be brand new for you.

Take a look, but don't just stop there. Let's take some action...

Choose 2 to buy on your next shopping trip and start your snack revolution!

- Plain Greek yogurt + trail mix + Truvia

- Beef or turkey jerky

- Craisins and dark chocolate (Aldi’s Tranquility Mix, perhaps?)

- Cheese sticks

- Eggs

- Trail mix of almonds

- Protein shake (sometimes boring, but effective!)

- Salsa for flavor (on various things)

- Veggies and guacamole

- Water with zero calorie flavoring

- Limos Triple Zero Greek yogurt

- Halo Top ice cream (if you are going to have ice cream this will get you some extra protein!)

- 100 calorie bags of microwave popcorn

- Apples and peanut butter

- Clementines

- Bananas

- Really, any handheld fruit!

- Celery w/peanut butter (Jif to Go packets work great for portion control)

- Sparkling water

- The almighty Quest bar ;)

*pro-tip....combine a couple of these smaller snacks to satisfy you for even longer

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