NSS Bides Farewell to Steve Reishus

July 31st, 2018 was the end of an era for Noonan Sport Specialists. As many of you know, our long-term coach, colleague, and friend Steve Reishus worked his last day as a full time coach with us here at the gym.

Steve has been a member of the NSS coaching team since January of 2010.

As the first coach ever hired, there is no question Steve has had a major impact on the framework, philosophy and success of NSS.

Many don’t know this, but Steve’s presence in 2010 was just what NSS needed at the time. A fresh face, an outside opinion, a “tie breaking” voice when Mike and Dustin couldn’t come to agree on a path and plan.

Over the years Steve’s “voice” has certainly left an imprint on the gym.

From starting our Facebook page, yeah for real, Steve was the one who said, “c’mon guys, we need Facebook”.

To the powerlifting meet and all the success and fun of those weekends.

To conceptualizing and heading our Nutrition Coaching Program along with smaller back end systems such as the client on boarding process and Direction Week.

Steve’s influence is peppered within the very framework of what we do day in and day out.

Not to mention the tens of thousands of hours of interaction, high quality coaching and success he has led hundreds of clients to.

All reasons we will miss seeing Steve day in and day out at the gym.

But fear not, NSS will be alright, Steve will be alright. Everything will work out.

From Steve’s end he had an opportunity outside of the fitness field that turned out too difficult to pass up.

From our end, we are communicating great as a team to make sure all of Steve’s primary responsibilities are being covered. First and foremost, the coaching of sessions. Secondarily, the back-end processes that Steve worked on daily and weekly.

However, the two things that we likely will never be able to cover in Steve’s absence will be his fantastic air drumming capabilities and his uncanny ability to pull off an impersonation! 😊

Best of luck Steve, we will miss you and wish you the best!!

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