STRONGirl 2018

With September comes school, Fall sports, changes in weather and (usually)much needed changes to schedules and routines. While Summer is certainly amazing there is a sort of "2nd New Year's" feel in the air with the changeover that occurs from August to September. A chance where lots of us are thinking about ways to...

"Get back in shape"

"Lose a few"

Or maybe are just plain ready to take back control and be a better version of ourselves. A healthier version of us. A better example of health, fitness and wellness for our family. Whichever it is, NSS is here to support you. With tens of thousands of hours of coaching experience with clients from every walk of life we are certain to be able to guide you, no matter how it feels right now....


"Too far gone"

With our process oriented philosophy we make sure and focus on the small steps and consistent habits that can lead to long term and lasting life change. Do the small things right, focus on little and often over the long haul, join a community where change is supported and possible....


One way you can do that is put yourself with a group of like minded women in our STRONGirl program.

Our STRONGirl program is NOT a one-size-fits-all program; you will select an individual goal specific to you, and your semi-private (SP) training sessions will be focused very specifically on achieving that goal. These will also be assisted by our Group Training Classes, offered daily, and weekly email support. Each of you, during the Kick-Off Week, will be choosing one focus from the 6 categories below that most closely matches the goal you want to reach. You will then work with an NSS coach to “goldilocks” (mold specifically to you) your goal to a reasonable level that you are both confident is achievable with focus and consistency over the next 6 weeks.


Hip Hinge





"But who is it for?"

The STRONGirl program is for any woman looking to take a 6 week period and focus on an appropriately chosen goal with a community of like-minded women. Where the realization that practicing quality habits and accomplishing small goals with consistency, can lead to long term success.

"So give me the details, how much will the STRONGirl program cost?

The cost is $119 for clients who are already training with us and $319 for non-current clients (which includes semi-private training of 30 minutes, twice per week, for 6 weeks). However we are limited enrollment to 25 ladies again this year.

"When do Group Training Classes begin?" We start classes on October 1st and will be offering Monday and Wednesday 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11:30 - 12:00 p.m. Semi-private sessions will be schedule during the KICK OFF WEEK and fit around your schedule, two days per week.

"How do I sign up?"

Registration for the STRONGirl program is open and we are taking registrations right now!

Simply CLICK HERE to register. However, like we said, we are limiting this program to 25 participants and it is aFIRST COME FIRST SERVE sign up. We would love to have you involved and guide you through this season of change in the most positive of ways!


Have a friend you think might enjoy doing this challenge with you? Get them on the list as well to experience the energy, positive community, and fun of the NSS STRONGirl program.

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