Client of the Month: Scott Allen

We are proud to honor

Scott Allen

as our September 2018 NSS Client of the Month

Where do we begin with Mr. Scott Allen?!?!

“What about consistency?”

During Scott’s two years training at NSS, he has demonstrated incredible consistency. It is nearly a guarantee that Scott will be in at his regularly scheduled time and his presence is missed when he is not.

His desire to stick to this weekly routine is evident on days where life gets in the way of his lunchtime workouts and he goes out of his way to reschedule a time for his session.

“Ok, so he’s consistent, but is he focused during his sessions?”

Watch Scott bang out reps of bench press with a pair of 110# dumbbells and you’ll get the answer to that!

Now, here’s the thing, focus comes and goes for all of us. For Scott, there are days where he walks into the gym and you can tell that his day may not have been ideal up to that point.

What’s so neat about Scott is the way he can work through those mental road blocks and find the focus and motivation to dig deep for the session. He always walks out feeling better than when he walked in, which is one of our goals here at NSS.

“Well you talk about focus, so is he just quiet and keeps to himself during his sessions?”

Quite the contrary! Scott has helped to create quite a unique atmosphere over the lunchtime hour. All the folks who take joy in hammering out a good workout over the lunch hour can feel the energy throughout the gym.

If you know Scott, take a second to ask him about myo-Fridays :)

One final note on this, Scott has demonstrated really good communication to the coaches at NSS to help find a rhythm in his workouts that is conducive to his background and aspirations.

Scott, thank you for your hard work and we look forward to continuing to watch you get stronger, bigger, and provide a shining energy to all those who interact with you!

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