Getting Sore? - Try This

We would love to start by stating one thing right out of the gate today. Soreness DOES NOT equal a great workout. Now, being sore can certainly accompany a good workout, however it isn't a requirement. Often times we fall into the trap that being sore is a gauge of how much progress we are making. But in actuality, at NSS, we gauge this progress by asking ourselves... "Am a better at X,Y,Z?" "Do I feel more X,Y,Z?" "Am I closer to X,Y,Z goal?" But like we said, sometimes you will get sore. So what should you do when this happens? We have a couple techniques that can be really beneficial to help you start feeling better, get ready and feel excited to hit your next workout. #1 - Move Yep, as much as you might not want to movement just might be the best medicine to help alleviate that soreness you are feeling. Getting blood flowing, body temperature up and muscle working is going to help in the recovery process. #2 - Foam rolling You probably have seen these around NSS, maybe you have even used one. Foam rolling can be helpful to move blood to an area of soreness and alleviate some of that stiffness you might be feeling. Fair warning, acutely (i.e. in the moment) the foam rolling might not feel "wonderful" but just trust in the process and you will benefit. Another helpful hint...foam rolling, even when not sore, can be a good habit to get into. Click HERE if you would like to add one to your home arsenal, we can hook you up.
#3 Lacrosse ball

Another type of soft tissue work, with very similar effects to foam rolling, is to use the lacrosse ball. This, unlike the foam roller, can hit more pinpoint areas. We love it for working the upper and lower back, glutes and chest. Standing up against the wall to use the lacrosse ball is generally the best practice. Give it a try or ask your coach for further instruction next time you are at NSS.

#4 The Stick

Finally, in the soft tissue family is, the stick. This delivers the same concept as the foam roller and lacrosse ball however you are moving the stick over your body vs. your body over a foam roller or lacrosse ball. Some people find this overall easier to maneuver. Guess what, we also carry a travel stick that is 17" long and can easy live at your house or head with you on the road to help get you back in the game when you do find a bit of soreness on the road travelling. Just CLICK HERE.

#5 Stretching

Don't forget good old stretching. Taking some time to target the areas you are most sore can have a great effect (especially after a bit of soft tissue work like the roller or lacrosse ball) to alleviate that feeling of soreness. #6 Ask your coach As you will find along this process, everyone on the NSS Team is here to help. If you are having soreness that seems excessive or just won't go away, let's chat. Catch your coach before a workout or during a down moment and have a conversation about it.

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