Client of the Month: Amanda Haack

We are proud to honor

Amanda Haack

as our November 2018 NSS Client of the Month

If you think back to your teenage years, what were your priorities?!?! For Amanda, health and fitness was at the top of that list and always has been. She sought out coaching with us here at NSS as a teenager to help her volleyball game.

Amanda’s focus and persistence were evident as she was eager to get better at her skills in the gym and was adamant about fitting in make-up workouts if she couldn’t make it in at the normal athlete time.

After finishing high school sports and graduating, she knew coaching was still a priority. The summer before leaving for her first year of college, she asked us about distance coaching, and transitioned into our NSS to GO program.

In her twenties, Amanda is a shining example of consistency and focus. You would be hard pressed to find someone with as consistent of weekly training schedule as she is able to maintain. If you ever get a chance to watch her during workouts, you will see a focus that makes you ask, what is she training for?!?!

Our answer to that would be… she is training for the pure joy of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to lead by example.

Amanda is extremely in tune with her body and good at providing feedback for how it is responding to certain workouts. Her technical mindset continues to hold true as she practices her barbell and kettlebell lifts.

She has even begun competing in the international event known as the Tactical Strength Challenge, which is held twice a year in the Spring and Fall. In her most recent bout, she came in 7th out of 167 competitors!

Amanda, thank you so much for your dedication, hard work and consistency! Keep up the great work!

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