The Gym Can Be Scary ... We Get It.

Joining the gym at the turn of the year sounds like such a good idea. It's on a lot of our minds as we are changing the calendar over to 2019 and looking for a "fresh start" in the New Year.

But let us be the first to admit.

Joining a gym can be scary.

No, not like haunted house scary (well, I guess it depends where you join up!)

Rather, "I don't want to embarrass myself" scary.

We know that this fear is the number one reason that keeps individuals from taking the steps to join up to a gym and start doing what they know they want, and need, to do.

The unknown can be scary, period.

But all of us at NSS want you to know that walking through the door for the first time doesn’t have to be fearful.

NSS helps you take the necessary steps to create a safe transition to a regular gym goer and #NSSfamily member. By keeping in mind a few very specific things.


"Before I started exercising I felt like I didn’t know how to start and worried about injuries from doing things wrong, but since exercising regularly, now I feel more confident and stronger! NSS has played a role in that by helping to teach me how to do the exercises the right way and encouraging me along the way."

-Ryan V.


#1 Safety is our top priority. All of your sessions will be lead by a Certified Personal Trainer with at least 2 years of experience in the field coaching people just like you. Your coach will instruct and model correct exercise technique while progressing you as needed.

#2 Your goals are important to us. We will never try to make our goals, your goals. Whether its weight loss, balance concerns, energy, or consistent exercise and education your program will be custom made to fit you and your needs.

#3 We listen. Your feedback is important to us. Whether you love or hate an exercise. If something doesn’t feel quite right. If you are having a tough week. We want to know about it. The key to success on both ends of the training is having an open line of communication.

#4 Sport Specialists and so much more. Did you know that NSS is more than just a sports training facility? A large majority of our #NSSfamily are general population clients that want to move better, look better, and get stronger. So whether you are 19 or 90 (or anywhere in between!) we have a home for you.


"Before I started exercising I felt older than my actual age, but since exercising regularly, now I feel younger and stronger! NSS has played a role in that by customizing a workout to increase my core strength and stamina.

-Craig J.


If this is all hitting close to home, great...we have just the program for you.

A program, starting in January, that is going to ease you into the gym with others just like you.

Others who have never been to NSS. Others who have little to no exercise experience Others who might be scared to come to the gym. Others who just aren't sure how to exercise.

And others who are ready to start in a

non-intimidating, safe and comfortable way to make

a lifestyle of health, fitness and wellness for themselves!!

The idea is to get you started at the gym, with a group of peers who likely have similar experiences, likely similar fears, and likely similar goals.

All to make it as safe and comfortable to walk in the doors as possible.

Once that first big step is done we are confident our #NSSfamily concept and relational coaching style will do the rest.

Starting January 7th, and running through February 14th, we begin ourJanuary Jump Start and are opening up 3 different time slots to those of you who fit into any of the categories above.

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 - 6:00 a.m.

Tuesday and Thursday 4:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 - 5:00 p.m.

*minimum 4 clients per session

For just $179 we will take 6 weeks and show you EXACTLY what to do and JUST how to do it, making sure we are LISTENING to your fears and concerns all along the way. We also will help you stay ACCOUNTABLE and CONSISTENT to make this LAST more than the first two weeks of the year. We want health, fitness and wellness to be something that can pay dividends months, years....decades down the road for you.

We have been helping people with this for over a decade, for tens of thousands of hours, and no matter how scared and intimidating it might be believe us, YOU CAN DO THIS.

But it takes a first step.

A first step that doesn't have to be scary, a first step that you can take by clicking below and connecting with us to secure one of our January Jump Start slots.

In Health,

The NSS Team

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