Scratch Your Car --> Blow Up Your Diet

Picture this...

You're driving downtown and happen to take a corner a little sharp, the side of your car glances off some tree branches that are beautifully landscaping the curb.

You hear an audible SCREEEEEECHing sound.

When you get home, much to your dismay, you notice a two inch scratch on your passenger rear door.

Seeing the scratch you immediately go to the trunk and grab your tire iron and proceeded to beat the rest of your car, hood to tailgate, windshield to windows, until it's nearly unrecognizable.

You do this because, well, you already have a small scratch so what’s the point.

Seems silly, right?

But here’s the sad flip side of that analogy when applied to our nutrition.

You're at a staff luncheon and decide to snag a couple cookies off the tray for dessert. Doing so triggers in your head, “well, I’ve already blown it” and you then continue to eat anything and everything in sight.

You consider your diet ruined so, “I'm just going to do what I want.” Sometimes this turns into the rest of the day, sometimes it’s the rest of the week (start Monday, right?).

Seems silly, yeah?

Well, often times that’s how we operate. We “put a little scratch” in our diet and then we go out and destroy the rest of a completely good plan.

So let us tell you, (even though it’s hard) don’t worry so much about slight deviation(s) and downfalls in your nutrition, and certainly don’t go letting it ruin the rest of a great thing you have going.

You shouldn’t let it throw you into a tailspin, don’t toss it all to the wind. (because it can go in the wrong direction, quickly...and farther than you might think!)

Let’s take control and have power over those little nutritional “scratches”, get back on the horse and WIN the next decision! (Because it’s all about one decision at a time)

The power to do that, repeated over time, is going to allow you to make, and sustain, long-term progress.


These things are hard to navigate on your own. That's where the guidance, accountability and team mentality of a coach can really make a difference.

CONNECT WITH US today if you're ready for tomorrow to be different.

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