The 3 C's - Confident, Capable, Conditioned

When talking about building the better athlete it's about more than just physical ability. It's about mental ability. When we work with athletes, there’s more to it than just speed and strength.

Confident, Capable and Conditioned.

These three things are about more than just athletics. They can be transferred into everyday life. An athlete that is confident, capable and conditioned is ready to take the last shot of the game, but is also ready to step up when they need to in life.

That's what it's really about - it's about gaining the capability, getting the confidence, and being conditioned to be ready for life as well as athletics.

When we think about athletics what's the ultimate goal? The ultimate goal is to build a person that excited for exercise and movement, but is also a better person for participating because of the life lessons learned.

An athlete that is CONFIDENT is one that puts in the work, doing the movement over and over so that when it really counts he or she is ready to go. Having the confidence to do whatever is asked of them at a moments notice is a huge asset for an athlete.

But it's also huge asset for anyone in general. Someone who has the confidence to step up to the plate when needed is going to go through life much more easily.

An athlete that is CAPABLE of making the cut to outrun the defender has put in the all the work behind the scenes. He or she has been in the weight room getting stronger. He or she has worked getting off the line fast, he or she has practiced running and change of direction.

All of these things come together at once to perform at the top level. But these capabilities don't just end with athletics. Having physical capabilities is important for general health and everyday life.

An athlete that is CONDITIONED is ready to go at the end of the game instead of standing there with the hands on the knees just wanting it to be over.

He or she put in the time and put in the work so that they are ready to go when the lights shine brightest. Instead of thinking “Am I strong enough?” or “Am I fast enough?” or “Can I really keep going?” he or she is thinking about the X's and O's.

The athlete has been conditioned to realize that hard work will pay off in a big way. That by itself is one of the biggest life lessons that can be learned: hard work will produce big results in whatever you do.

A confident, capable and conditioned athlete is one who is strong, agile and mentally ready to take on whatever challenges in front of him or her. Challenges can come on the field or in life, but either way they are ready to face them head-on.

The athlete can attack this challenge with the confidence to overcome it, the capability to achieve the goal, and the conditioning to do what needs to be done even in the face of adversity.

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