Part 1 of 2 - Body Weight Movement Flows

The term “movement flow” refers to a continuous and fluid patterning of movement throughout the body.

These movement flows can be a great way to limber up in the morning, increase your flexibility, and start your day off right.

Conversely, they can also be used to get a wonderful full body workout to build strength and endurance. Along with also igniting your creativity with movement, as there is an endless amount of "flow" and movements you can incorporate into doing these.

This 2 part series is going to work you through two separate and specific movement flows to test out and try.

But don't feel boxed in, if you want to tweak, add, adjust or take away from either of these, certainly feel free!

Try working through this entire flow for 5 consecutive minutes or else choose a "number of rounds" to complete.

Movement Flow #1


Foot Squat to PuPP

Mountain Climb Arm Circle

Crawl Back to Standing

Reverse Lunge w/ Twist

Gate Sink

Overhead Reach

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