12 Year NSS-iversary - THANK YOU!!

4383 days ago (aka 12 years), two, bright eyed and bushy tailed young men decided it would be a good idea to start a gym. They had ambition….they had drive….they had youthful ignorance...and most importantly they had support.

Support of their then girlfriends, now wives (thanks Jennah and Becky!)....support from their parents (thanks Dave & Mary and Tammy & Neil!)....support from their mentor (thank you Dominic!).

It was that support (and a fair bit of good luck) that allows those two (not so young now) men to write this post, from that same gym they started 4383 days ago, on their 12-year anniversary of NSS.

From both Mike and Dustin, we want and need to thank each and every one of you - because if you are reading this, YOU have had a positive impact on us.

We truly have been wonderfully blessed by everyone in our lives who has helped and supported our mission here at NSS.

“The #NSSfamily uses fitness as a catalyst to positively impact lives.”

The support we were afforded early on parlayed into the constant and ongoing support we get from each and every one of the past and current #NSSfamily members and our past and current team of coaches.

We have been blessed to be able to feed off that support to the tune of over 77,500 hours coached as a business (since 9/11/2011) - along with the untold hours before we realized it would be smart to track that number! - during our time in Alexandria.

All of which have most certainly helped both of us as people, parents, and spouses more than we have been able to help you. For that we cannot be any more grateful!

Honestly, our gratitude for the energy, positivity, lessons, and relationships during our time coaching you cannot be expressed.

It’s unquestionable that we WOULD NOT be doing what we are today without that unwavering support.

Support that started in a tight knit circle with our families, but has slowly and steadily spread further and further to a very powerful, life changing experience.

Thank you all for such an amazing 12 years!

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