Client of the Month: Kathy Terpstra

We are proud to honor

Kathy Terpstra

as our August 2019 NSS Clients of the Month

This award is a long time coming for Kathy, ever since the first month at NSS she has shown many qualities of a Client of the Month.

The list goes on and on but her tremendous attitude, consistency, determination, and the great influence that she has been on her family are the biggest reasons Kathy deserves this recognition.

If you have gotten the chance to workout with Kathy you have probably noticed she is the first to congratulate someone on a PR or encourage you if you are learning a new exercise.

Kathy is always willing to try something new and isn’t afraid to share some jokes with the ones around her.

We’ve had the chance to have Kathy as part of the #NSSfamily for nearly 3 years and in that time she has shown an incredible dedication to her heath and fitness by showing up every week with a brilliant smile!

In the first days that Kathy joined us she wanted to work on getting in and out of her kayak with ease. She recognized that working on her strength and balance would be an important key to that and has progressed her strength to doing barbell deadlifts and gained a fondness for adding weight to the bar.

We were ecstatic to learn that she has gotten in and out of her kayak easily for a year now!

Lastly it has been a treat to get to meet Kathy’s husband and grandchildren as she shares her passion for health, fitness and NSS with them as well!

We are so thankful for you and proud of all your accomplishments!

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