Client of the Month: Nick Sam

We are proud to honor

Nick Sam

as our September 2019 NSS Client of the Month

Some specific words come to mind when thinking about Nick and his journey at NSS. To name a few; Strong, Engaged, Fun and Focused.

Strong – Nick’s path to NSS was paved by him overcoming extreme adversity and medical catastrophe in his young life. As he will tell you himself, he has “died twice” but he doesn't let that stop him and constantly is showing his strength and will to succeed.

Engaged – Nick is a staple of consistency. Over the year plus he has been with the #NSSfamily it is few and far between when Nick will not be in for his hour-long sessions twice each week. During these sessions he dives in fervently to the work that is presented to him. Whether that be barbell and band strength from his wheelchair, or ground based body weight work on the floor.

Fun – The attitude Nick brings to NSS is special. His mix of humor, sarcasm, knowledge and photographic memory creates a wonderfully fun and enjoyable hour each time Nick is within the wall of NSS. This, from someone who has all the reason in the world to take a pessimistic outlook on life, is truly remarkable.

Focused – All fun aside when it’s time to work, Nick is not afraid to really get after it! Pressing, pulling, and power exercises combined with flexibility work and crawling challenge Nick to be better and better each and every day. The attention to detail with which he attacks these leave no doubt his mind is focused and he is pushing towards his goals.

Nick, you are a treat to work with at the gym and we are blessed to have you in the #NSSfamily!

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