Clients of the Month: Doug and Dawn Houska

We are proud to honor

Doug and Dawn Houska

as our October 2019 NSS Clients of the Month

The dynamic duo of Doug and Dawn Houska have made a lasting impact on the #NSSfamily! Their hard work and consistency have been evident not only to the coaches, but to clients as well.

You may have heard us utter the phrase, “trust the process”, a time or two and you may have wondered, what exactly does that mean? Doug and Dawn are perfect examples of trusting the process.

It all starts with having a long-term mindset as opposed to an “I want it now” mindset. Doug came to us over 6 months ago and said he was going on a hunt of a lifetime in September of 2019. He said he wanted to be in as good of shape as possible to truly enjoy it…it was on!

He walked into every session with a positively intoxicating motivation and ready to do what needed to be done. He trusted the process so much that we were able to harness him up to a 100# sled and say crawl to the other side of the gym. He chuckled, got down on his hands and knees, and took off.

The other side of trusting the process is providing honest feedback as opposed to simply blind faith. Dawn had battled debilitating body pain when exercising in the past and did not want to return to that state this time around. Her sessions initially met her where she was at and she did a great job of letting us know when things started to go down the wrong path.

Dawn focused on quality, pain free movement, with steady but slight progressions. What surprised us most was how quickly her mind came around to trusting her body again and soon she felt strong enough to say, “I’m ready to kick it up a notch”.

So, we did…and then she said, “I can do more”. Again, we bumped the intensity up a bit more until she exclaimed, “I’m sweating buckets and I love it!”. Dawn was addicted.

We have had so much fun seeing Dawn’s physical strength improve; however, it’s the improved confidence and mental strength that is even more rewarding.

Thank you, Doug and Dawn, for your hard work, consistency, and dedication to the process. Keep up the great work and we look forward to being a part of your team through all future endeavors!

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