Client of the Month: Andrea Tripp

We are proud to honor

Andrea Tripp

as our November 2019 NSS Client of the Month

Consistency, trusting, and hardworking are flawless descriptors of Andrea Tripp, who we are honored to announce as our November 2019 Client of the Month!

People always throw around the word consistency as an important trait when it comes to achieving an array of goals. This is no exception when it comes to health and wellness. Andrea seamlessly fits her workouts here at NSS into her weekly schedule.

There are times where personal or professional commitments may interfere with her sessions; however, she is always on the ball when it comes to rescheduling a session. She has even had to endure some painful life injuries, which could have resulted in her avoiding activity.

However, her trusting nature allowed her to still come in for modified workouts…which brings us to her next trait!

We at NSS value the idea of trusting the process. This can mean a variety of things for different people, but for Andrea, it means trusting that any activity is usually better than no activity.

She trusted our ability to modify her training routines to accommodate an ailment and still enable her body to get the activity it desperately craves, both for physical and mental wellbeing. She does what needs to be done, even if it means getting out of her comfort zone at times, which is truly an indicator of a hardworking mindset.

Andrea approaches every session ready to work and appreciates seeing her body get stronger and more capable.

Whether this means doing something she enjoys, such as pushing weights on a bench press, or something she may not love but knows is good for her, such as hitting some intervals on the rower.

She does what needs to be done to challenge her body and allow it to continue getting stronger, more capable, and more resilient.

Keep up the great work Andrea, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

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