Client of the Month: Becky Evertz

We are proud to honor

Becky Evertz

as our January 2020 NSS Client of the Month

The first thing you notice about Becky when she walks into NSS is the smile she has on her face. Even on the “I don’t want to be here” days, Becky works hard, has a positive attitude, and always that smile!

Her smile and positive attitude are contagious and it attracts other clients to her. Becky can often be found during rest breaks talking with other #NSSfamily members.

Becky’s consistency IN the gym has helped her to keep active OUTSIDE of the gym. Becky and her husband spend many weekends a year up North hiking, snowshoeing, camping, and enjoying all that is Minnesota.

There is no doubt her consistency and capability earned in the gym have been helping her to get out and thrive on these active travels.

Becky also does Yoga multiple times a week to compliment her strength workouts. The combination of the two has created a bullet proof Becky, reducing the number of aches and pains she experiences dramatically.

Thank you, Becky, for being such a loyal member of the #NSSfamily. We look forward to seeing what BIG things come your way in 2020!

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