Client of the Month: Kim Rauk

We are proud to honor

Kim Rauk

as our March 2020 NSS Client of the Month

Kim first started her NSS journey for the accountability and consistency. She was working out, but as more important “to-do’s” popped up, exercise was the first thing to get bumped.

Kim knew she needed a plan to keep her body strong so she could continue to do her job to the best of her ability. That’s were NSS came in…way back in 2012!

Since then Kim has been a role model of consistency. She is quick to reschedule sessions. Her mantra has always been “What else would I be doing at 5:30 a.m.?”

Kim is working her butt off in the early a.m. slot. Her programs have covered just about every different training modality over the years, depending on her goals and life circumstances. She is open to suggestions and changes and is always willing to give us feedback on what she is doing.

Kim shares the positive experiences she has had at NSS with just about everyone she meets. If you have seen her at work, church, on vacation, or social media there is a good chance you have heard her talking about NSS.

We are so thankful for the many referrals that Kim has sent our way over the last 8 years. Not only is she changing her life, she is guiding others to make changes in their lives too!

Thank you, Kim, for your continued dedication to NSS and for sharing with everyone what it means to be part of the #NSSfamily.

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