Clients of the Month: Angie and Shaynen Schmidt

We are proud to honor

Angie and Shaynen Schmidt

as our May 2020 NSS Clients of the Month

First off, if you have met these two, or seen either one of them in the gym, you will know just how hard they have worked to earn this title.

Day in and day out Angie and Shaynen bring 110% to their family, work, fun ... and of course THE GYM.

Angie is one of our hardest working members of the #NSSfamily. She thrives on learning new things, pushing her boundaries, and making new connections and friendships with everyone around her in the gym.

Angie was nice enough to share her passion of being a part of the #NSSfamily with her husband Shaynen. From day 1 he has crushed each and every workout he has been to.

Better yet he continues to train consistently at home while balancing work and the constant changes to life in these trying times.

Shaynen also has shown his devotion for getting better each and every day by following some pretty hefty strength goals and even competed in his first powerlifting meet last year!

Together they have both developed a system to listen to their bodies and share feedback with their coaches to hone in on the movements and training styles that they enjoy most.

This helps them improve their chances to avoid any setbacks due to soreness or injury, allowing them to push as hard as they desire in their training.

We can’t imagine what #NSSfamily would look like without you two in it! Thank you!

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