Client of the Month: Kelly Gerber

We are proud to honor

Kelly Gerber

as our July 2020 NSS Client of the Month

Kelly first came to us looking to improve her overall health – things like improving balance and flexibility, staving off osteoporosis, and relieving stress. She called us a “mental health decision” and was committed to making time for herself each and every week.

She has a one-hour drive to get to us, and STILL she set aside time for three sessions per week before her busy tax season began. Kelly made significant progress in balance, flexibility, and strength with those visits.

She also noticed little daily aches and pains disappearing, which motivated her to find a way to stay consistent and maintain her momentum during tax season.

Throughout that stressful season, she still came to NSS once per week, and tacked on our NSS to GO program, to keep her accountable to structured home workouts.

Kelly had stocked up on a few pieces of home equipment, even asking her husband to build her a box for step-ups. She has also consistently lost weight over the whole time she’s been with us (she is now living UNDER her goal weight!) by consistently making solid nutrition choices.

Kelly has said, multiple times, that she doesn’t want to eat any different than she will for the rest of her life; she’s learned to make smart and sustainable choices that will serve her for the long haul.

With her success, she’s also inspired, motivated, and helped her husband lose weight as well! Recently Kelly reflected back on how far she’s come on things like squat depth, or step height, and how much easier today’s harder versions feel, than those very first versions did.

It isn’t always easy to see how far we’ve come, but she does – and she looks forward to even more progress. When challenged with a new exercise, she doesn’t get frustrated when it’s difficult; instead, she says she will practice it at home!

Kelly has been with us for less than a year, but has quickly become an exemplary #NSSfamily member.

We are looking forward to seeing how much more amazing progress she will make in the future!

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