Client of the Month: Dustin Alexander

We are proud to honor

Dustin Alexander

as our October 2020 NSS Client of the Month

Did you know we have a few superheroes who enter NSS each day? Dustin is one of them. We’ve gotten to know Dustin over the past 10 years, and we’re pretty dang sure he is Superman in the flesh.

He’s one of Douglas County’s Deputy Sheriffs, as well as being on the SWAT Team and Dive Team. This gives him the HERO title, but the SUPER title comes from his relentless dedication to be better, his resilience through life's ups and downs, his contagious positivity, and the encouragement that pours out of him.

Dustin is always looking for ways to improve in the gym. Whether it’s gaining strength, adding reps, or learning something new to help him move more easily, he puts in the work to meet his goals. He even came up with his own birthday workout, to help him measure his improvement as the years pass.

Despite a variable work schedule, Dustin always remains consistent with his workouts, knowing that the more he moves, the better he can perform his job, and also easily keep up with his hobbies. Because the higher the hills Dustin can climb, the more beautiful pictures he captures to share with us!

Dustin is always one to share the magic that happens inside NSS, beyond our walls. He’s constantly encouraging friends to check out what it’s like to take some time for them, and it doesn’t stop there either. Dustin will lift you up and cheer you on, even if it’s the first time he’s met you, and you just happen to be working out next to him.

Last but not least, is the remarkable energy he brings into the gym each and every day, bouncing on his toes and ready to give his best, with a smile on his face.

Thank you for sharing your energy, determination, and encouragement with the #NSSfamily, Dustin!

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