Client of the Month: Linda Hager

We are proud to honor

Linda Hager

as our November 2020 NSS Client of the Month

Joining the gym in 2018, Linda has been a model #NSSfamily member for the past 2 years. Maybe it’s her amazing work ethic. Or it could be her constantly upbeat and positive attitude. Better yet, it might be her stunning consistency to her health, fitness and wellness.

You know what, I suppose it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Linda is constantly up for the challenges that we present her with during workouts. Whether it’s rocking through high rep endurance sessions, learning new and technical movements like the kettlebell snatch, or grinding it out with the sled, Linda never backs down.

No matter the task that lies ahead Linda is open minded and positive. Accepting, with a slight smile and subtle nod of understanding, everything that is asked of her. All the while knowing she is going to crush the task ahead.

Despite this killer instinct, Linda still spends time connecting with her workout mates and others around the gym. Taking the time to share stories, joke and encourage those putting in work along with her.

Finally, when you look up the word consistent in the dictionary there simply is a picture of Linda. If Linda says she is going to be at the gym, Linda is at the gym! You can surely bet on that.

But not only is Linda committed when she has an appointment. She is taking time every week to be intentionally active outside of NSS. It might be a long run, some speed work on her treadmill or getting an additional weight lifting session in. But it will happen!

Linda, you certainly have been a wonderful part of the #NSSfamily and are truly a pleasure to work with!

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