Going home from work hungry?

We all know the feeling when you get home from a long day of work and realize you’ve gone all day without food!

Then all of the sudden you find yourself making dinner while eating snacks (or nibbling on your ingredients to dinner!) then sit down with serving sizes bigger than normal.

All in an attempt to try and fill yourself from missing your earlier meals.

Then, a few short minutes later, you realize you are feeling overfull and have that sluggish (maybe even guilty?) feeling.

A wonderful way to prevent this cycle from happening is to keep a drawer in your office stashed with a few snacks that work for you.

This way you can munch on something between meetings and emails to help ward off that extreme hunger that hits when you get home.

A few of our favorites at NSS are:

  • Fruits that don’t need to be refrigerated like apples, bananas, and oranges.

  • Protein snacks are also a great quick snack for helping to keep you full for longer. These can include bars or even having a shaker cup loaded with a scoop and ready for water to be added.

  • An excellent way to use the office Keurig is mixing up some oatmeal in a mug to enjoy a warm quick snack pack with carbs and protein to help give you an extra energy boost in the middle of the day.

Most importantly, find a few snacks that are well balanced in nutrients and can keep for a week or more so you don’t have to keep stocking your drawer back up as often with things going bad.

What can you pick up on your next grocery trip to help you on your next busy day in the office?

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