5 Gas Station Snacks That Will Support Your Goals.

Travelling for work or having a long commute to the office tends to come along with eating many meals in your car. If you prepared with a pack full of snacks and lunch your good to go, but sometimes you forget your meal at home or didn't have the time to prepare it. So a gas station stop it is! These are our favorite options to support your health and fitness goals when on the go.

  1. Snacking Plates: These are pretty new as far as we know, and like an adult launchable. You'll find them located in the refrigerator and are around 200-300 calories. These contain a mix of meats, cheeses, dried fruit and nuts or a variety of crackers. A great way to fill you up while getting in a good balance of protein, fats, and carbs.

  2. Protein bars and shakes: Most of these have 16+ grams of protein in them and can be eaten or drank fairly quickly if your really in a hurry.

  3. Jerky: A secret weapon, it's loaded with protein and really not much else. You can load up with a big package to store in your glove compartment or just buy it by the serving.

  4. Fruits and veggies: Handy and usually at every gas station. Either prepackaged or not these can be a fast grab and go option that you can have in your car all day.

  5. Pre Portioned Almonds: We love these, as they fill you up and are a good source of healthy fats.

BONUS: Zero and Low Calorie Drinks: These could be anything from some flavored water, a caffeinated beverage, or a lite Body Armor. These can help curb hunger for when you have other options available to you.

It's great to think of a gas station a lot like the grocery store where staying around the outside aisles. This is where most have a little more caloric dense foods and the middles of them hold the treats and goodies.

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