Clients of the Month: Tory and Naomi Bjorklund

We are proud to honor

Tory and Naomi Bjorklund

as our December 2020 NSS Clients of the Month

Sometimes it takes some time to adjust to the idea of working out. You get through the doors; you make the commitment but you don’t fall in love with it…at least not right away.

It may be safe to say that Naomi Bjorklund still doesn’t love working out, but she keeps showing up day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Over the course of Naomi’s time at NSS we have worked as a team to “goldilocks” her training programs so that they are just right for her. Once we found the perfect combination of days, time, session lengths and sets and reps...Naomi took off!

Naomi’s confidence and strength continue to grow and she is open to trying new exercises that challenge her along with continuing to build strength.

Tory Bjorklund’s experience at NSS is almost the exact opposite of Naomi’s. Tory has thrived off lifting heavy and pushing his limits. If you have spent any time around him you have realized he is always open to trying something new and different.

His habit of being a lifelong learner has served him well. He has competed in NSS Powerlifting meets and continues to work towards strength gains in the 3 big lifts.

Tory keeps the entire NSS coaching staff on their toes and brings a smile to our faces and a shake to our heads as you can always count on him to pick the harder option when given the choice. :)

Naomi and Tory both bring contagious smiles, consistency, and a diligent work ethic to NSS each week. However, their biggest asset for the #NSSfamily is the care and community they bring to their workout partners over the years. Getting to know the different #NSSfamilymembers and forming bonds that transcend the gym.

And watch out. You never know when you might see roles reversed and Naomi will have a barbell in her hand and Tory will be swinging kettlebells!

Thank you Tori and Naomi for trusting NSS to guide you through your health and fitness journey. We look forward to seeing where you go from here!

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