Was there a frustrating problem that inspired you to get in touch with NSS?

I was always finding things that needed to get done at home.  So instead of using our home gym, I did chores around the home.



What led you to believe NSS may be the optimal gym for you? 

I knew what NSS was about, and was seeing my husband's results (he was already a client).



What is keeping you at NSS? 

I’m feeling so much stronger, have more energy, and a better mental attitude.  I want to be fit and healthy for as long as I can.


What have you learned at NSS? 

I’ve loved the new exercises that I’ve never seen or done.



Can you speak on the community and environment of NSS? 

The atmosphere is full of positive energy, and I love seeing all the different capabilities and ages of people that come in.


What words do you have for someone thinking about starting with NSS? 

Come in and talk with a coach, or sit and watch for a little while, and see all the smiles on the coaches' and clients' faces.  You won’t regret it.

-Stacey L.