"Whew, finally do I feel the energy! Oh my energy was so lost a few months ago, along with my big smile! Did I make the decision to go to Noonan's? Nope. Have I always wanted to try Noonan's! Yes, after my hubby's transformation. My biggest mental block was how do I do this without affecting the flow of my family life? I was a new mom again, and I love my career as a stay-at-home mom, yet every mom knows the answer to getting things done is get up before the kids do, but my hubby worked early in the morning. He made the call and gave me total support, along with his team at work, allowing him to flex his hours so off I went and transformed too! 

Oh my I love it! Never a session did I not want to run to! Well not run...I had cellulite down to my knees and could hardly move. How do you get the confidence to go when you don't feel great about yourself? For me it was easier than a gym, or running on your own. I just turned off my brain and NSS led me to strength and a big smile again!

When I started I couldn't do much...well not anything, but they led me. After 4 short months I was down 20 pounds, lost over 10 inches and the cellulite is gone...I am shocked! But what my favorite is...I am strong! I have muscles! My shoulders have muscles and are wider than my hips! Best yet, after every session I was better at my career, more patient and focused on my family. Ah! Family bliss! 

So how did the magic happen? How did I transform? To be honest I don't really know. I just listened and did as I was told. I was given calorie and protein goals, along with some great recipe swaps. (I am in love with the Spinach Crust Pizza. My little 3-year-old even likes the green!) 

Thank you so much for helping me on a path to being strong again! I keep doing my squats holding the baby, chin-ups at the playground and push-ups when I play on the floor with the boys! It always makes for a happy little man, now I have a new goal. A push-up with the boys on my back! A big goal but you have started me on the right path! Thank you so much!"


Trish T.