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A Kick Off Consultation is a completely in-office visit, lasting roughly 60 minutes. We will spend time going over your background and history, chatting on goals and expectations, then working through some other areas of wellness such as nutrition, sleep, and hydration, before moving on to a service agreement and next steps.


The core offering at NSS, semi-private training, is a system where #NSSfamily members train with up to 4 other clients at one time. Each client is still doing customized and individual workouts, performing a program specific to their goals, abilities and likes; however, they are sharing the time and coaching of the  certified personal coach.

We have seen great results and success with this training model. It creates a group empowerment where everyone is working towards getting better every day, it allows for more flexibility in training schedules weekly, and allows training partners, friends, and families, to strengthen bonds through physical activity.

This does not mean that you will train with other clients every time you come for a session, or that you need to find anyone to train along with you. This only means you are willing to share your session with up to 4 others. However, there are many days our semi-private clients end up training individually, but this all
depends on the times and days you are in the gym.

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