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NSS employs 9 certified fitness professionals, with 74 years of combined training experience. Amassing 13 collegiate degrees and 25 top-level certifications, the team at NSS has made it their goal to stay on the cutting edge of the fitness industry through education and continued professional development. Learn more about each member of our fitness professional team below.

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​Mike Hawes, BS, CSCS
As a former trail ultra runner Mike understands and appreciates the process of setting a goal and then building a bridge back to where clients are currently at; in essence, reverse engineering the pathway for clients to find success towards whatever their aspirations may be!

Away from the gym, Mike enjoys hunting, attempting to keep his lawn green, and the lake.

Mike and his wife Jennah live in Alexandria with their sons Sawyer, Lincoln, and Everett.

​Dustin Schlichting, BS, CSCS *D, Z-Health, RPR 2
As a lifelong learner, working with the #NSSfamily members to achieve their wildly diverse goals allows Dustin to continue to fill his bucket as he shares his knowledge and learns new skills to facilitate that process.

Outside of the gym Dustin enjoys hunting, reading, and taking naps.

Dustin and his wife Becky live in Alexandria with their daughters Lila and Ava.
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Chris Ludwig, BA, CSCS, YFS-1
As a former high-school and collegiate athlete, Chris is all about celebrating the little victories. Stronger is stronger, and no matter what you’re doing, getting stronger is worth celebrating.
Outside the gym Chris lives and breathes waterfowl hunting and football, as well as dabbles in deer hunting.

Chris and his wife Kate live in Osakis with their daughter Abbi and sons Thomas and Andrew.

​Dawn Coauette, BS, CSCS, NASM CPT, FAS, TRX FTC, RPR 2
With her love of teaching and passion for health and fitness Dawn, provides a supportive training environment where the unique and individual needs of all clients are valued and met. Dawn specializes in the 50+ population and enjoys helping the inactive become active again.

In her free time Dawn enjoys being active outside and snuggling up with a good book inside.

Dawn and her husband Chad live in Alexandria with their daughter Kamryn and son Cyler.
Dawn headshot square.jpg

Stacey Law, AAS, NSCA-CPT

Stacey has always had a passion for working out in the gym. While in the Air Force she became the Squadron Fitness Leader, helping her squadron pass the new Air Force Fitness Test. She now enjoys working with active older adults to help them continue to live a long healthy life and enjoy as many activities as possible.
When not at work Stacey likes to be outside camping, fishing, hunting and taking her dog for walks or Skijoring in the winter. 
Stacey and her husband Mark and dog Bobbey live in Garfield.

​Sabrina Marthaler, BA, CMA, NETA-PT, GGS-1+
Sabrina is a personal coach AND our administrative specialist, managing everything from client billings to payroll to website updates to supply orders to fundraisers.

She credits NSS with changing her own life for the better in every possible way, and loves that she can use her specific talents to help us change more lives.

Her favorite thing about coaching is helping people to change fitness from a chore, to an enjoyable habit that they look forward to.

She spends her spare time running trails with her dogs, reading, and planning her next visit to Minnesota’s beautiful North Shore.
Sabrina headshot square.jpg
Demara headshot.JPG

​Demara Bumgardner, BS, CSCS

Demara is passionate about teaching and continuously learning about health and fitness. She believes that everyone is capable of more than they know and wants to help people meet their current goals and strive for new ones! 

As a former collegiate athlete, she has seen just how much we can make change in ourselves and push our own limits, whether that be climbing a mountain or being able to take the stairs.

Her favorite thing about this career is seeing how each person can progress and overcome their own challenges.

When not in the gym, she enjoys getting outside to go golfing, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and really anything and everything that Minnesota has to offer!

Joanna Green, BA, NASM-CPT

Joanna has had a passion for wellness and fitness since she began running cross country in high school. She credits that experience with leading her to a degree in exercise science and wanting to continue learning more since then. 


Her more recent passion is helping moms, prenatal and postpartum, feel good about themselves. Outside of the gym, you can find her getting together with friends, spending time with family, or watching football or baseball, depending on the season. 


Joanna and her husband Blaine live in Alexandria with their sons Isaiah and Thomas. 

Hannah headshot.JPG

Hannah Atwater, AAS, NSCA-CPT
Hannah loves people and building relationships. Being able to make meaningful connections with people and help them pursue and achieve their individual goals is what drew her to the personal training field. 

When not in the gym, she enjoys hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities as well as any opportunity to dance that presents itself whether it is a social swing dance or classic ballroom. 
Hannah loves learning, recently she completed her birth education classes and Doula training through DONA international and is pursuing her Doula certification. 

Hannah and her husband Travis live in Alexandria with their daughter Violet.
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