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The following are some of the most common questions we get from clients as they look to get started with us. If you have a question not included here, or want help getting started, simply CLICK HERE to ask. We’re here to help!

How do I get started training at NSS?

The first step in getting started with NSS is to get scheduled for your Kick Off Consultation. This consultation is an important step in ensuring we can create the ideal program for you. It allows us to get to know you better, along with discussing baseline information such as exercise and medical history, goals and expectations of coaching, chat on nutrition practices and some other areas of wellness.

You can set up a Kick Off Consultation by simply submitting your information via our online enrollment form to get things started in the quickest way possible, or you can always call 320-808-9632 or email as well!

What can I expect during my Kick Off Consult?

Your first visit to NSS will be a 60-minute Kick Off Consultation with our Intake Specialist in our private consultation office. This consult is an important step in ensuring we can create the ideal program for you. It allows us to:


  • Get to know you better

  • Get a feel for your day-to-day life and schedule

  • Discuss exercise history

  • Discuss medical history

  • Discuss, set, and review goals

  • Determine current nutritional practices

  • Discuss other areas of wellness such as sleep, rest, and recovery


Within this Kick Off Consult we will also discuss scheduling, which training package will suit you best, and next steps.

What can I expect in my first few training sessions?

Your first few sessions at NSS will include a fair amount of assessment, so we can continue to learn about you and begin to discover the best path for working with you. But don’t worry, we aren’t testing any “maxes” or doing anything that will drive you out of your comfort zone.


Some specifics include gauging your general fitness base, looking at specific movement patterns, identifying any imbalances or inflexibilities, as well as determining strengths and likes.

Based upon all of these, and your individual goals, we build a customized training program for you.

What are your rates?

The monthly investment amount for coaching will vary depending on your weekly commitment. Below are prices for semi-private personal training.

Our most common packages:

  • 2 sessions per week for 30 minutes each = $199 per month

  • 3 sessions per week for 30 minutes each = $289 per month

  • 2 sessions per week for 60 minutes each = $339 per month

  • 3 sessions per week for 60 minutes each = $495 per month

*all session lengths are approximate

You can come more or less often, or combine different session lengths to customize a weekly plan for your goals and schedule. Just ask in your Kick Off Consultation!

We do also offer bundles of sessions, if your schedule will not allow for a consistent weekly commitment; however, for your best success we recommend a set schedule to ensure consistency.


What is the rescheduling policy for training sessions?

In the event you need to reschedule a session, NSS has a 24-hour policy:


  • 24 hours or more prior to scheduled time: session can be canceled (BUNDLE) or rescheduled within the same week or week prior/after (RECURRING) without penalty.

  • 24 hours or less prior to scheduled time: session is forfeited without refund UNLESS it can be rescheduled to an available time within the following 24 hours. (i.e. "Session Salvage")

  • 24 hours or less prior to scheduled time: if no coaching spot is available, session can be rescheduled to a time within the same or next business day, and ran at NSS on its own by client via the TrueCoach app (i.e. "Special Access Salvage")

  • 30 minutes or less prior to scheduled time: session is forfeited without refund or reschedule opportunity.

How can I buy a gift certificate from NSS?

We can create a certificate of any dollar amount, or a package that covers a client's full month of sessions, or pretty much anything you like!


If you need one, just contact us.

Do you have exercise equipment and merchandise available for purchase?

Yes, we offer a multitude of exercise equipment, nutrition products and apparel. Send us a note if you would like something specific. 

What days/hours is NSS available for training?

NSS is open:

  • 5:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

  • 5:30 am - 4:00 pm Friday

  • ​CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

What certifications does the team at NSS have?

The NSS Team of fitness professionals hold 20 top-level certifications. Continuing our education and staying on the cutting edge of fitness are a top priority for us here at NSS. Annually we attend multiple hours of clinics, conferences, and seminars, both on the state and national level.

Can I come and train at NSS without working with a coach?

Our semi-private personal training services are set up to be 100% supervised and coached. Each and every workout, you will work with one of our certified personal coaches, ensuring proper technique and understanding of each aspect of the workout.

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