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One of our core values at NSS is "We thrive when you thrive."

The many fitness achievements by our clients lay the foundation for our success, which allows us to facilitate fundraising projects, which channel our collective power to create a lasting impact on our community.



In early 2021, we created the IMPACT Circle

This is a monthly giving program that allows our clients to add any amount to their regular monthly payment, and that extra amount is given to a local charity.

With an average donation size of only $8 per month from our participating clients, we've now helped 39 different local charities, totaling more than $12,000!

We are always open to hearing about new charities that fit our guidelines (local, non-religious, non-political), as we don't plan to double up on past donations. Hit us up with any great ideas!

IMPACT Circle 7.1.24.png

Annual Fundraisers

For multiple years we've had a special focus on the Douglas County Relay for Life and Alexandria Dollars for Scholars, and we host separate fundraisers for them.

Our first year fundraising for Douglas County Relay for Life was $1000, and it has absolutely transformed, becoming $18,015 in 2023, with a lifetime total over $78,000.

Our nine years of fundraising for Alexandria Dollars for Scholars has now provided 40 scholarships totaling $45,850. Our 2024 donation amount provided 7 students with $1300 each, to help pay for further education in the arena of health & fitness.

In 2023 we resumed our fall school-related collection, and raised $200 for the Early Education Center, but more impactfully, we gathered six big boxes of things the preschoolers needed, like craft supplies, snow shovels, and jump ropes, to keep the little ones learning and active year-round.

At the end of 2023, we created a new facet of our giving, a Noonan Sport Specialists Impact Scholarship to Alexandria Technical and Community College. This one is fully funded by NSS, and we are looking forward to seeing it grow just like all of the others have done!

NSSfamily Impact 7.1.24.png

It's the #NSSfamily - not NSS!

It is important to note that NSS did not make the majority of these donations; less than 5% has been NSS funds. 

We do put in a fair amount of effort to galvanize our people, by organizing & hosting events, sending emails, writing posts, hanging signs, reminding, and paying processing fees, but in the end it is our #NSSfamily who truly makes the magic happen.

We are so grateful for their HUGE hearts!

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