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Summer Shape Up 2024

Want Extra Accountability in the Summer? (Or Extra $$)

Here at NSS, we strive to keep you accountable and help you be consistent in your fitness journey. Our new Summer Shape Up Challenge is a great opportunity to do just that during the busyness of summer and help you reach that goal of yours. Plus it gives you a chance to make a little money!

What is Summer Shape Up?

Simply complete 40 workouts between June 1st and Sept 1st (3 months) to complete the challenge! It may sound like a lot, but you may complete 8 pre-made NSS workouts outside of the gym. 

Out of gym workouts

Choose and complete any workout from our preset list, then snap a picture or video and email it to your primary coach. No equipment at home? No problem! The workouts made for you require little to no equipment. A maximum of 2 total workouts per day can be counted towards the challenge. 

Entry and Prize

Participants will be charged $50 prior to the challenge and that money will go to the jackpot. The jackpot will be split evenly between those who complete the challenge. Completing the challenge guarantees your money back!

How to enter

If you would like to participate, tell a coach you’re in! NSS will then run a charge on your account for your entry fee of $50. Nothing else is required of you to enter. 


How to keep track of your workouts

When June 1st comes around, show up as usual and complete your workouts. Make sure to keep track of your completed workouts on the sheets hung up in the gym! To make sure your out of gym workout is recorded, snap a picture or video after your workout and email it to your primary coach so they can mark it as completed. Also, we would greatly appreciate it if you share your picture to social media and use #NSSfamily! 


What if you “win”?

Those who complete the 40 total workouts within the time given will receive a credit to their accounts for the October charge. How much you win is dependent on how many people enter and how many complete the challenge. Entry fees are all pooled together, then the winnings are split evenly amongst those who completed 40 workouts. Those who complete the challenge are guaranteed their money back, with the possibility of getting extra money as well!


Need help completing the challenge? 

Think about purchasing a bundle of sessions to help you reach the goal. There will also be Team Training running through the summer that you can count towards your 40 workouts!

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