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Stacey L.

“Since starting I’m feeling so much stronger, have more energy, and a better mental attitude. The atmosphere is full of positive energy, and I love seeing all the different capabilities and ages of people that come in. I want to be fit and healthy for as long as

I can.


Come in and talk with a coach, or sit and watch for a little while, and see all the smiles on the coaches' and clients' faces.  You won’t regret it.”

Abby D.

"I felt like I was neglecting myself. Being a stay at home mom, I wasn't taking time to do something for ME. I had low energy and just felt weak. 


I love NSS philosophy, the culture, and most importantly how great I feel after each session! I can see significant signs of improvement in my overall strength. I feel strong! I also feel like I have more energy.

I love how every session I am asked how my body is feeling, and if something does feel “off,” my coach adjusts my workouts. 


The community at NSS is so infectious. I am always greeted with a "good morning," and I have never felt intimidated!


Give it a try! It has been such a positive thing for me.”

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Tom W.

“I was a four-sport athlete in high school, played college sports for a couple years and in my late twenties started participating in triathlons. However, after a number of years, four kids, and four moves, my fitness level had slowly but surely deteriorated.


One of the things I have really appreciated about training at NSS is they have figured out how to get the most out of me and have tailored a program to meet my needs. 


My fitness and energy levels are as good as they have been in years. I have done things that I would not have thought were possible with my previous fitness. It is hard to put a value on feeling good.”

Robin N.

“I think you can tell when you walk in and see all the smiling faces and conversations, that NSS is more like family than most gyms. I love the fact that I feel great, not only physically but mentally as well. It’s been so long since I did something positive about my long term health and it’s addictive!”

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Emily L.JPG
Emily L.

“In the fall of 2018 I had my 4th major hip surgery within the last 4.5 years. Going to the gym was hard for me, not only physically but also mentally.


I heard SO many amazing things about NSS, so in September of 2019 I finally had to get out of my comfort zone and took the first step and let NSS help me! 


Knowing that you get personal coaching and they watch to make sure you’re doing the exercise right, is the most comforting thing.


Also that communication is so huge at NSS. They listen to you and push you to just your right limit!


Whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym and know nothing about exercise, or if you’ve been working out and have a great knowledge of exercise - no matter what your background is, you won’t ever be alone during your fitness journey at NSS!


Genuinely the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Joe H.

"I joined NSS for one simple reason: to learn how to exercise without hurting my body. 


I’ve always been active and exercised routinely. However, at age 50 the exercising I’ve always done was causing my shoulders, back, and neck to hurt.

I’ve now been at NSS 4 year and feel great! I’m getting stronger and increasing my flexibility WITHOUT the aches and pains.


NSS is not just “a gym”. It’s personalized training that is beneficial for the mind and body.”

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Courtney I.

“Both my mental & physical strength have increased, and being part of NSS helps motivate me to make healthy choices both inside and outside of the gym.


The community and environment is so welcoming, encouraging, and they truly want to see everyone who walks through the door succeed. The energy at NSS is always positive and uplifting, and all of the coaches have smiles on their faces and greet every person by name.


It is a place where any person can go, no matter where you are in your life journey, and feel right at home."

Sally A.

"One of the great parts about NSS is the community feel.  You see people of all ages and all fitness levels, so it never felt intimidating, even on the first day that I went.


I would say once you start you will be hooked. NSS does an amazing job at helping each person meet their goals by writing specific workout plans for each individual, and it’s done in a really fun atmosphere."

Jeff no mask.jpg
Jeff R.

“NSS is a fun environment filled with coaches who genuinely care about you, your goals, and your progress. NSS is everything it is advertised to be and more. Awesome coaches + technique + hard work = goals met and exceeded! 


I appreciate the attention to detail and the care put in to ensure I master each new skill brought to my sessions.  Seems to be something new every other week, and it's fun to always be learning and building to something bigger. 


The environment of NSS is great! This is a welcoming community to all ages, shapes, sizes, etc. Any given day you may see young kids training, average Joes, elite athletes, or your grandma.

For someone thinking about starting with NSS, I would say tomorrow is not guaranteed. Stop thinking about it and just

do it!”

Mark A.

"I just hadn’t been exercising consistently, and I thought going to NSS would help me get back into the swing of things.


I’ve really enjoyed the individualized training and the way the trainers work specifically with you as an individual, to listen and hear about what your needs are, think about what you need, to put specific training in place for you.


The atmosphere here at NSS is great. Everyone here is always happy, and really working with everybody to achieve their goals. I would encourage anybody to stop in at NSS. I think they’ll find that it’s a pleasant environment with great trainers wanting to do the right thing for each individual person, and providing the very best in exercise."

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Pete R.

“I began working out at NSS in March of 2014. I was 63 years old at that time and had never been able to maintain a consistent exercise regimen. As a result, I was overweight, out of shape, and had poor eating habits as well. My annual physicals ended with the same advice from my doctor: exercise, lose some weight, and lower the cholesterol intake.


If I couldn’t motivate myself to exercise at home, I couldn’t imagine driving somewhere to work out. The time commitment and the cost of having a personal trainer, combined with my inconsistent exercise history, persuaded me it would never work.


But when a couple of guys I knew died from heart attacks, I decided I had to do something. So, with my wife’s support and encouragement, I enrolled at Noonan’s.


Here is what surprised me about training at Noonan Sport Specialists: it’s fun! Having a coach who helps you establish appropriate goals, designs a program for you, teaches you how to do the exercises properly, monitors how you feel, and pours on lots of encouragement is fun!


As a result I have lost weight, gained strength and flexibility, and gained self-confidence. I heartily recommend Noonan Sport Specialists."

Liz T.

"I grew up as a coach's daughter and fell in love with sports at a very young age. I was a 3 sport athlete and ran collegiate track. When I finished college I was burnt out from many years of athletics and felt I needed a break.


I quickly noticed that my energy had decreased and I didn’t feel like myself. I had searched for a gym or fitness center that could really offer an outlet for me to step back into the strength and joy of fitness and I finally found it at NSS! 


From the very first day I could feel a sense of authentic community and true inviting presence. I was extremely impressed with the intentional coaching and facility as a whole! I actually enjoy waking up at 5:30 to head to the gym. 


NSS has a powerful thing going and I am proud to be a part of it!"

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