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We want you as part of the #NSSfamily
Robin N.

“I think you can tell when you walk in and see all the smiling faces and conversations, that NSS is more like family than most gyms.


I love the fact that I feel great, not only physically but mentally as well. It’s been so long since I did something positive about my long term health and it’s addictive!”

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Robin no mask.jpg
Joe H.

"I joined NSS for one simple reason: to learn how to exercise without hurting my body. 


I’ve always been active and exercised routinely. However, at age 50 the exercising I’ve always done was causing my shoulders, back, and neck to hurt.

I’ve now been at NSS 4 year and feel great! I’m getting stronger and increasing my flexibility WITHOUT the aches and pains.


NSS is not just “a gym”. It’s personalized training that is beneficial for the mind and body.”

More Success Stories......

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