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A Tip To Reaching Your Goals

If you are finding yourself stumbling over obstacles enroute to your goals, take a minute to sit down and identify what those obstacles are and then plan ahead on how you can lessen their effect or eliminate them completely.

Simple right? ....maybe. But certainly not easy.

Odds are if you have seen Dustin coming or going from work (or anywhere that he is traveling by vehicle for that matter) and toting around these two bags.

But why?

Let's have him tell you...

"When I travel by vehicle I am often derailed nutrition-wise and have a habit of forgetting things I need to be productive.

So at some point years ago I figured out the easiest way for me to improve in those areas was to always have these bags with me.

The cooler is a little big for "daily lunches" but is perfect for daily lunches + snacks + workout clothes during the week and is plenty big for a couple of days of "better than gas station" snacks on the weekends.

The laptop bag (also referred to as my "Mary Poppins bag") houses everything I need to be productive no matter where I am.

These two small changes to my daily routine help set me up for success every day!"

Can you recognize a few areas where you may find yourself struggling to stay on track with your goals?

And if so, what "bags" can you carry to help, more often than not, get through them?

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