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April Client of the Month: Jana Rebrovich

We are proud to honor Jana Rebrovich as our April 2022 NSS Client of the Month!

Jana is hands down the picture of consistency. Her dedication and commitment to her workouts here at NSS over the last 11 years is remarkably inspirational! Although Jana’s schedule may need to vary based on work, family and season, she always finds a way to get to the gym for her sessions.

On top of her 2 and a half hours a week she is working out at NSS, Jana also stays active in many other ways. Including getting out for walks with the dog or friends and getting to the YMCA a few times a week for additional sweat sessions.

Jana is always hoping for more in her workouts and has helpful feedback in what she would like to be doing while she’s at NSS. As long as she isn’t doing squat jumps :), she enjoys everything else and “everything else” includes a lot! From the trap bar to the rower and everything in between, Jana is a rockstar!

Jana is at NSS to work and certainly gets a lot done in her workouts. But even considering that Jana is able to connect and catch up with her workout mates and friends at the gym.

Thanks for your continued commitment to NSS, Jana! It is a pleasure to be able to work with you!

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