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Eat The Same Thing, EVERY Day

If you're trying to cook and eat healthier, you might be constantly browsing the internet for recipes, trying to incorporate new veggies and experimenting with protein options. All while trying to keep it tasty enough for your kids to not complain about it!

This is all a little overwhelming, likely to make you feel like a failure, and push you right back to your old easier habits.

Sooooo ... how do you make it easier to eat healthily?

One of the easiest ways to do this is simple: eat the same thing every day.

Find a healthy breakfast that you like, and eat it every day.

Find a healthy lunch that you like, and eat it every day.

Find a healthy snack...okay, you get it.

This option works GREAT for the meals you don't prepare for anyone else.

While you may not have that freedom for all of your meals, you can use this advice for all of the meals that you DO plan for yourself.

Then you will actually have some brainpower left over to plan a healthy family option, with the shopping and planning and experimenting that will require.

Put energy where you don't have a choice (the family demands variety, okay, put your energy there), and eliminate the effort where you don't need to be wasting it.

It might be a bit boring, but it is SO FREEING to just make half your meals automatic like this. Trust us, we've been doing it for years!

It will take longer than you expect to get bored, because you'll probably still have a variety of family meals, dining out, and weekends.

When you DO get bored with the scrambled eggs you settled on, then you can experiment with adding different veggies, or play with spices. Or what if you added shrimp instead of ham, how would that turn out?

Essentially, get your basics down, and direct energy where the basics won't fly.

When the basics get boring, play with a LITTLE BIT of variation but don't waste too much effort on it.

Try it for a month and let us know what you think!

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