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Feeling Sluggish After All That Easter Candy?

You might be seeing this right in the midst of your sugar high after stealing from your children’s Easter candy when they weren’t looking.

And we know you do it ... because we do it too!

But at some point that sugar high will turn into a bit of an upset tummy, a feeling of sluggishness, and likely a little bit of guilt.

So, what to do about that?!?

1. Get Some Water

Chase those tasty chocolate eggs with some pure H20 to help balance things out, settle the stomach and start the digestion process.

2. Go For A Walk

You don’t have to slay burpees until you toss, but we do suggest going for a walk. Get the family out and go enjoy the sunshine and warmth of spring.

3. Have a Short Memory

Forget about it. Guilt and shame aren’t going to aid you in any way. Instead, accept what the situation was, decide how you might look to reduce such scenarios in the future (get the candy out of the house, pack it in baggies for school treats, have your spouse bring it to work), and then accept it.

These steps can all help free you to get back on track with your normal health and fitness choices! (atleast until Haloween 😉)

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