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What's The Best Way to Set a Fitness Goal?

Setting goals is an important process of a health, fitness and wellness journey.

But even more important than a setting a goal is making a PLAN to accomplish that goal. If you don't have a plan, the goal you set can easily fall to the wayside, become super frustrating, or even dare we say even it, be rendered obsolete.

So, whatever your goal is - eat better, work out consistently, save money, spend more time with family , connect more often with friends, read more books, travel more - take some time to make a plan behind it.

Write down the goal, and then write down various ways you can work toward it. Brainstorm a variety of things, until you run out of ideas. There's many possible roads to any destination, after all.

Questions you can ask yourself to create this list:

  • What are some habits you need to start, or to stop?

  • What will trigger you to start new ones? What would motivate you to stop bad ones?

  • What would the "bare minimum" of success look like?

  • What is a tiny action step you could take daily to get you started?

  • What is the MAIN reason you even have this goal?

After you've run out of ideas, now you have a roadmap of MANY possible routes to your goal. Pick either the most important action, or the smallest daily action, that you can take toward that goal, and get going on it.

Set up a plan to check in regularly on your progress. Depending on the goal, it might make sense to come back to your roadmap monthly, weekly, or maybe even daily.

When you get off track, simply sit down with it again, and work on new strategies to get back on, and stay on track.

It might help to have an accountability buddy, who has a similar goal or similar level of commitment. It might help to put some cash on the line to keep you committed. You might schedule messages to your future self, to keep them on the track you're laying out now. (be creative!)

There's literally no ONE WAY to reach your goal, but you have to spend time figuring out the BEST WAY for YOU to reach it. And then revisit that plan often.

We'd love to hear what your goal is, so we can help to keep you accountable AND to cheer you on!

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