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January Client of the Month: Colleen Zimny

We are proud to honor Colleen Zimny as our January 2022 NSS Client of the Month!

Consistent, dedicated, intentional, hard-working…all attributes that only scratch the surface of how one would describe our current client of the month, Colleen Zimny!

After over three years of training with NSS, she still brings the same level of focus and dedication to every session. Her evolution of training has included multiple approaches. Her patience early on helped develop an amazing base.

That base then built into a strength pyramid as we spent time working on heavier lifts, even deadlifting with the barbell for some time. We are currently shaping that pyramid and making sure it lasts for a lifetime of function through in depth mobility and cardiovascular work.

On her days outside of the gym, Colleen consistently hops on her Peloton for multiple rides each week in addition to keeping busy with her grandkids. She would 100% be described as the “FUN” grandma as she goes above and beyond to make their lives better!

Her years spent in education have given her a neat perspective as both a learner but also a life-time educator. The learner in her is always asking great questions of why we are doing something or what may be good for “X,Y,Z”.

The educator in her is driven to inform those of us privileged enough to coach her as well as her workout mates during her sessions, all with an optimism and joy that is contagious.

Thank you, Colleen, for allowing us to be a part of your wellness team, and we look forward to many more years of helping you keep up with your life goals!

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