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January Client of the Month: Mary Platt

We are proud to honor Mary Platt as our January 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

Mary is hands down the picture of consistency. She continually finds a way to make the time to ensure that she gets her sessions in. Even if this means they are back-to-back, Mary will make it happen!

Based on her consistency and attitude, you might not know that Mary doesn’t necessarily like to exercise. But being a caregiver, she knows that coming to NSS is important in taking care of herself, having a long healthy life, and allowing her to care for others.

On top of her 3 half-hour sessions a week at NSS, Mary also stays active in many other ways. Including being energetic and engaged with her family (a top priority), sewing, and being a member of 2 book clubs.

Mary has been battling chronic pain in her foot and ankle for some time. Through her helpful feedback on what she would like to be doing while she’s at NSS and how things are feeling, she has a program that is challenging yet accommodates this consideration.

As long as she isn’t pushing the sled :) Mary enjoys everything, and “everything” includes a lot! Especially some of the specific mobility and flexibility work she does, one of which is her favorite supine chest stretch.

Thanks for your continued commitment to NSS and your health, Mary! It is a pleasure to be able to work with you!

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