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March Client of the Month: Micah Overshiner

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

We are proud to honor Micah Overshiner as our March 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

In a word, Micah is a powerhouse.

He comes in full of energy every day (oh, to be 15 again!) and ready for whatever we have in store. He rocks it whether we give him mobility, endurance, or strength work!

Something very helpful to us is that Micah always has specific goals in mind. As a swimmer and a runner, endurance is a perennial goal, but he also enjoys challenging new exercises and working toward some heavier lifts, like bench press and trap bar. He especially loves competing against Grandpa on bench press day!

Micah is very consistent with his sessions, only missing out for family travel, which allows him to make steady progress week after week. He even recognizes that his gym time helps with those family travels, like tackling tough hikes in Scotland with relative ease.

Occasionally he keeps us on our toes with wild ideas, like “I want to be able to bench press NSS someday.”

That playful attitude perfectly represents our core value, “Our passion is learning, playing, and improving.”

Thank you, Micah, for letting us help you chase those ambitious goals!

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